This commercial playground structure casts the feeling of authentic wood just without all of the time consuming upkeep! The various slides, climbers, and panels allow for there to be absolutely no shortage of lively play experiences for children. In addition to the fun components, R3-20449-2 is an eco-friendly choice due to the recycled decks and posts that are made from 100 post-consumer plastic.


Do you want to create an eco-friendly play experience that children will not want to miss out on. If so, the R3-20449-2 is the perfect structure for you. The decks and posts on this structure are available in cedar, dark brown, and gray (at an upcharge) and contribute to the natural look of your commercial playground. Because the decks and posts are 100 percent recycled from post-consumer plastic products, they are perfect for areas near the shore as they are protected from corrosion, rotting, and cracking. The overall feel of the recycled playground is one that actually looks and feels like wood without all of the maintenance and splinters that come along with real wood. With a required use zone of 40 feet by 41 feet, the R3-20449-2 is available for children 2-12 years old and holds up to 52 children.


Powder Coat Colors

Solid and Sandwich Panel Colors

Rotationally Molded Plastic Colors

Recycled Lumber Colors

Additional information

Age Group

2 to 12 Years

Capacity (Children)


Structure Size

28 ft. x 29 ft.

Use Zone:

40 ft. x 41 ft.


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