Shop For Quality Wood & Vinyl Gazebos

Whether you’d like to enhance your landscape, create the perfect outdoor entertainment area or just add a simple oasis to relax and enjoy nature at its best, we’re sure you’ll find our quality patio gazebos and garden gazebos are the perfect fit for your property! Built by Amish craftsmen to exacting standards we offer our Amish gazebos in a variety of styles to suit your needs.

Wood Gazebos

Traditional Amish gazebos are constructed of wood. Customers love the look, feel and over all richness that wood offers. Wood can be painted or stained and refinished. Garden gazebos constructed with wood also provide a warm atmosphere for an at home feel.

Vinyl Gazebos

Vinyl gazebos offer the convenience of low maintenance while still retaining a traditional look. Our vinyl garden gazebos are a modern take on traditional gazebos. The clean lines and brilliant finish of vinyl gazebos offer an attractive alternative to wood.

Whether it’s pool time or tea time, family time is precious and you don’t want to waste a minute of it. Give your family a place to gather and enjoy each other. Our gazebos are the perfect place for little moments, an impromptu picnic, family game night or an afternoon by the pool, that create lasting memories your children or grandchildren will treasure forever.

Want to get outside, but just can’t stand the bugs? Add a screen package to your gazebo for hours of night time entertainment without annoying mosquitos!

Patio gazebos grace village greens, the backyards of country farmhouses, and the gardens of grand estates from coast to coast. They are a timeless reminder of a simpler time – an era when we enjoyed the pleasures of the outdoors more and worried a lot less.

Whether you choose from our elegant outdoor gazebos, patio gazebos or garden gazebos, we’re sure you’ll find the right one for your lifestyle and landscape.

Watch the seasons unfold from the comfort of your gazebo’s elegant protection. From spring’s first long-awaited buds, through the rich colors of fall and beyond, your gazebo welcomes you in every season.

Watch the leaves fall around you while you sip a warm cup of apple cider on a crisp autumn day in your garden gazebo. Surround yourself with the sounds and sights of nature and refresh your spirit. Take a vacation whenever you need it most — all from the comfort of your backyard gazebo. Want to relax without the bugs? Ask about our screen gazebo option!